Pro Shop

                                                                       Proshop merchandise display                             

Our pro shop is a cool, inviting area for all players. Our large screen TV                carries the tennis network so you can cheer on your favorite player as you
watch tournaments from around the world! Your tennis day will start with a  friendly greeting from our tennis staff, a cup of coffee, perhaps a rehashing
of your last match and then it is time to join your fellow players on court. Your 
tennis needs will be met with racquet bags, grips, wristbands, gift ideas,
shirts and more! We hope you will stop by for a shopping spree and perhaps
make the Racquet Center your new home for tennis! 



                                                                                                                Racquet stringer talking to patron

We offer expert stringing within 24 hours of drop off! Our inventory includes Babolat and Wilson. This selection of string also brings with it a wide variation in price starting at $23.00. Have your own string? Bring  it on by and we will be glad to "string it up" for a $15.00 labor fee. Our pros are always available to speak to you concerning the right string and tension for your level of play. From tennis elbow to achieving more power we just may have the "perfect" answer to help make a difference in your game!




Looking for that perfect new weapon but just not sure with all those new            Tennis racquets display    
racquets out there?
Brian our Babolat Man can answer any of your questions and put the right
frame in your hand!
We also have Wilson line fitting you with the racquet of your dreams!
Demos are available with a small rental fee that will be taken off the price of
your new weapon! And if you are taking one of our outstanding clinics - you
can tryout a racquet for free!